FAIRFIELD — Students from Mrs. Rachel Bossier’s gifted and talented classes have begun work on an art history project that will be on display at the Fairfield Jazz and Art Fest in October. Each student was asked to select a local patron of the arts on which to base this project. Students researched possible candidates using the Fairfield History Book, emailing or calling the person, or talking to those who knew them.

Students are creating paper mache marionettes of their person as well as writing an original song and a brief biography. At the event the public will be able to play with the marionettes, read the biographies and listen to the songs about each local arts patron.

Each student is learning how to research a topic and gather information through printed materials, interviews and other means. They learn to organize their thoughts and information and translate that information into a written piece. And they learn to express themselves creatively through the creation of the marionette and the music.

 “This project incorporates many learning opportunities and skill development for these students,” Bossier said. “I am excited that my students have this opportunity to create these projects and will be able to show them to the citizens of Fairfield,” Bossier continued.

The Fairfield Jazz and Art Fest will be held October 10 on Courthouse Square. In addition to this project  there will be children's hands-on art activities, students' art exhibition, public murals and an exhibition at Williford Gallery, face painting, balloon creations, marionettes and music.

Noteworthy to all who enjoyed TSAC's recent production of Crowns, this clipping was found in the October 23, 2004, The Dallas Morning News.